Having brighter and whiter teeth can not only improve the confidence of a person, but the steps taken to achieve a beautiful pearly white smile can also help improve their overall oral health. At Soothing Care Dental, we provide a range of cosmetic dental solutions to improve your smile, including Teeth Whitening Solutions. However, it is important to remember that after your treatment, it is important to maintain healthy habits to preserve your pearly whites for years to come.

So, how can you achieve brighter and whiter teeth?

Teeth Whitening

One of the most common solutions to achieve a white smile is through teeth whitening treatments. The reason many people lose their natural sparkly smiles is due to the discolouration or yellowing of the teeth. This can occur from foods and beverages we consume, medications or habits we have or the ageing process. At Soothing Care Dental, we offer teeth whitening treatments to bring back your bright smile. Our treatments include:

• In Chair Zoom Whitening: The dentist applies whitening gel to your teeth multiple times over the 1.5-hour appointments. A light activates the whitening gel.
• Take Home Zoom Whitening: The dentist takes an impression of your teeth and custom-made whitening trays are made. You are given whitening gel to take home to apply on your teeth yourself. A recommended whitening period at home, to achieve a good result, would be for 45 minutes per day for a period of two weeks.

Minimise Staining Beverages

If you love your daily expresso or late in the morning, you may notice your teeth lose some of its brightness overtime. Drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, and coca cola are some of the common liquids that stain teeth. If you desire to keep your bright white teeth, try, and minimise your intake of these beverages. However, if you can’t survive without these drinks, try sipping them through a straw, especially in the first few days after a whitening treatment.

Drink Water

Water is important for your overall health and will also help wash away any liquids that may stain your teeth. It also stimulates saliva flow and removes any food debris from your teeth and gums. Drinking water and regularly sipping it throughout the day will be beneficial to the health of your teeth and overall health.

Daily Oral Care Routine

The best way to achieve a brighter and whiter smile is by keeping up with a proper oral care routine. Plaque attracts straining substances, so by reducing plaque, you will help reduce overall yellowing and discolouration. Brushing your teeth at least twice-daily will help to keep your mouth clean, healthy, and stain free. Be sure to floss once a day as well to minimise the chance of ending up with stains between your teeth.

Regular Dental Check-ups

Visiting your dentist for regular check-ups is important to maintain a glowing smile. Your dentist will be able to polish away any stains when they clean your teeth. Regular teeth cleaning also help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. It is vital for your oral health to have this build-up removed regularly to ensure long term gum and tooth health.

At Soothing Care Dental your dentist Pyrmont locals trust, we understand the importance of a bright smile and how good it makes you feel. We are dedicated to providing high-quality professional dentistry and patient care and pride ourselves in offering guaranteed long-lasting natural results.
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