Your teeth are daily exposed to a lot of stressful situations which eventually leads to reduced aesthetic appeal and functionality.  Due to constant chewing and grinding the teeth surface will eventually wear and tear and this leads to sensitivity which can be very painful. If your teeth surface is worn-out you are bound to experience pain when eating and drinking cold foods.  Worse still your teeth will be exposed to chemicals form acidic drinks, bacterial infection and all these contribute to the wearing out of the top enamel level.

When this surface is worn out the tooth basically can’t function properly. Your smile will also be affected as the tooth surface either loses its lustre or starts chipping. You might also be forced to skip some foods to avoid pain and this affects your nutritional intake.  Luckily, advances in dentistry have now brought a solution to this problem. Dental crowns Rozelle Sydney are the best solution to protect worn out tooth surface against further damage. At Soothing Care Dental we are highly experienced in the latest dental crown technology to provide our clients with highly performing fittings to improve their lives.

DENTAL CROWNS | Dental service in rozelle | Soothing Care Dental

A dental crown is a cap that is custom made to fit over your damaged tooth. They are manufactured from porcelain ceramic among other materials and they rejuvenate your tooth to give it back its former capability.


Bring back a stronger bite

A better appearance of your dentals

Repair damaged tooth and prevent further deterioration

Long term solution which is stain-resistant


If you have damaged your tooth get in touch with a dentist form our clinic today. At Soothing Care Dental we have a highly experienced team of dentists well versed in the latest trends in dental crowns.  We evaluate every situation individually before starting the procedure. Contact us today or just book a visit with us online.