We have become the Drummoyne dental service that locals love for our availability and our goal to build long-term relationships with each and every one of our customers. We are a leading dentist near Drummoyne and are located in Rozelle, and because we are local it’s convenient to drop in with us and build long-termoral hygiene best practices. Since we are in a close vicinity, you can easily reach us. Whether it is an emergency dental issue or a problem with the alignment of your teeth, or just a regular check-up, we are here to assist you.


Your family can be confident that by visiting us, as the leading Drummoyne dental practice, you will be getting the right treatment for your needs. We specialise in highly tailored, customised services that take into account your unique dental needs. We provide services as wide ranging as Orthodontics, as well as Cosmetic and Pediatric dentistry.

Finding and visiting the wrong dentist in Drummoyne can lead to a great deal of stress and dental anxiety. However, a visit to us is different. We are the leading Drummoyne dental practice, and when you visit our location you will immediately find yourself related and in a positive mindset, thanks to our welcoming staff and facility equipped with advanced technology. Our team are cheerful and will greet you with a smile, while also being totally professional in their approach to work. We understand that dental problems are quite common, and are experienced by all ages, and therefore do our best to make our environment welcoming to all demographics.

We offer all kinds of dental services – from doing cosmetic dentistry to teeth whitening, right through to the sometimes necessary wisdom tooth extractions and root canal treatments. We do all of this efficiently and with a deep level of respect for each of our patient’s time. We can also undertake preventive treatment as well to eliminate future dental problems.

Our Drummoyne dental team is fully qualified and highly experienced when it comes to paediatric dentistry, too. We are meticulous when it comes to looking after infants, toddlers as well as teens. We understand the different and sometimes unique dental challenges that children face and we are careful to ensure that we operate to a leading standard for those specific needs

You can choose to visit our clinic and meet with our staff or contact us via phone or email to learn more about the different procedures that we offer. Your search for the best dentist near Drummoyne ends with a trip to our location in Rozelle. For the price of that short, 10-minute journey you will find that we are also the leading Drummoyne dental practice that locals have come to love. We promise you a beautiful smile and a relationship with you where we care for your entire family’s oral hygiene for years to come.