Post-Operative Instructions


At SC Dental, our dentists will provide you with post-operative instructions so as not to delay recovery. Prescription medication will also be given to you or you can buy it from the chemist on the way home. Dentists will also advice that you be observed by an adult in case any complications arise within 24 hours after oral surgery.

Post-Operative Instructions | Soothing Care Dental,


Painkillers Soon after surgery, you are bound to experience pain for a few hours. The dentist will give you a prescription of painkillers that you can use to ease the discomfort

Numb Feeling The surrounding teeth, lower lip, and chin may develop a numb feeling due to the removal of your tooth. This is because of the nerves being adjacent to the roots in the tooth. Be patient and do not panic. The numbness will go away 

Eating Eat well. On the first day after surgery, eat meals that are soft to chew. The following day can be different with you being able to resume your regular diet

Taste and Smell You may experience a foul smell and taste. It may be due to insufficient cleaning of the area where the tooth was extracted. Rinse and brush your teeth. You can also use mouth wash

Blood: Bleeding normally lasts up to three hours. Consequently, a gauze must be placed in the area of tooth extraction

Swollen Gum: Stiffness and swelling is normal. It may take up to 48 hours before it reduces. You can control the swelling by applying ice on the cheeks. Warmth applied to the area with a pad is useful after 48 hours
SC Dental offers best care and our highly skilled dentists ensure that you get the best treatment available. If you need more advice, visit our website and book an appointment. You can also call us for further post-operative instructions in Sydney.