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Wisdom teeth are the 3rd and last set of molars that most people get in their late teens. The maximum number of these teeth is four and in most people by 25 years they are already out. When they grow properly there is no need to worry but in most cases they cause a lot of problems leading to pain and discomfort. Some of the common problems necessitating wisdom tooth removal include when the tooth doesn’t fully erupt into the mouth and if your mouth is too small to accommodate more teeth.

At Soothing Care Dental we have dealt with different problems associated with wisdom teeth and our dentists use the latest technology to identify if there is a problem before recommending extraction. We appreciate that when wisdom teeth don’t grow properly this can lead to gum infection, inflammation and other problems. If you are experiencing any form of pain in your gums it is advisable to talk to our dentist for a thorough inspection.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

The following situations necessitate removal of wisdom teeth:

  • When a tooth can’t grow properly
  • Infection or decay in the tooth
  • Painful growth
  • Decayed tooth

What to Expect

Wisdom teeth extraction is a surgical procedure that involves providing anaesthetic to reduce any pain during removal. The process normally takes one sitting but can extend to two depending on the position of the tooth. You will experience some discomfort after the anaesthetic wears off but this goes away with time.

Aftercare Procedure for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Our dentists at Soothing Care Dental provide proper medication and after care instructions. You should avoid solid foods and brushing the affected area. Avoid using a straw when drinking liquids and more importantly notify our dentist in case of excessive bleeding.

The Best Wisdom Teeth Removal, Rozelle

At Soothing Care Dental we provide specialised and safe wisdom teeth removal using the latest technology. Call us today or book an appointment online.