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Same day crowns Sydney – a simple, efficient and reliable alternative

Same day crowns Sydney – a simple, efficient and reliable alternative

There are many reasons why your dentist may recommend a dental crown for your tooth. These include but are not limited to fortifying weakened teeth or cracked teeth, covering teeth that are discoloured or poorly shaped, or for protection of root-canal treated teeth.

Traditional dental crowns require multiple dental visits, involving impression taking in the first visit and a two-week wait for the dental laboratory to fabricate the final crown. You’ll have a temporary crown to protect the tooth in the interim but have to wait for the second appointment to have full peace of mind again.

The alternative is the same day crowns Sydney locals have come to trust Soothing Care Dental for. This is a more technically advanced procedure, where: your dentist will take a digital impression of your affected teeth using a 3D scanner, design your crown on cutting-edge dental software and then mill your custom-made porcelain crown on an on-site computer-aided manufacturing machine. Then the dentist will glaze the new crown to match the appearance of your surrounding teeth. To any observer the difference will be impossible to distinguish!

What makes Soothing Care Dental a leading dental practice for same day crowns in Sydney?

At Soothing Care Dental, our team uses an advanced surgical operating microscope in the preparation stages of a same day crown procedure. This allows us to be particularly accurate and precise with the crown dimensions and margins. We do all the designing and production on-site, allowing us to maintain complete control of the quality of the crown from start to finish. You’ll also save time, by not needing to come back for a second visit!

Interested in learning more about same day crowns in Sydney at Soothing Care Dental?

Please contact us or book an appointment if you have any further questions or want to know if same day crowns are the right solution for you. Our friendly team are always available and your dentist will talk you through the options that you have to help you decide on the right treatment for your needs.

You can reach us on 02 8322 7000 and talk to a friendly team member about the most trusted same day crowns in Sydney.



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