Welcome to Soothing Care Dental the newest dental clinic in Rozelle, Sydney. We are a premier dental facility with a mission to bring high quality custom services to the community.  We have invested in a state-of-the-art dental facility in the city to guarantee 100% satisfaction for our clients. Our goal is to become the leading family dentists in the city by providing a serene and welcoming environment devoid of the intimidating features of old dental clinics. Our dentists have a passion for the clients and they are highly experienced in their specialties and this makes us a one-stop-service for all dental solutions in the area.


crafted a working strategy

We have crafted a working strategy guided by the highest standards in the profession and we are daily working towards exceeding our clients’ expectations. To achieve this we have invested in the latest dentistry technology at our new facility. We appreciate how important dental care is to your overall health and we go to extra lengths to emphasise this when you visit. Not only are we committed to brightening your smile we are also passionate about helping our clients maintain optimal dental health. Our service range caters for all aspects of oral health care including general dentistry, restorative dentistry, preventive dentistry, kids’ dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Our dentists provide tailor-made dental solution after evaluating your problem to guarantee effective treatment.

At Soothing Care Dental we appreciate that most people fear dental visits and this is why we only use the least invasive procedures to treat dental issues.

We guarantee more comfort and quicker dental treatments by leveraging on the latest dentistry technology. After the initial consultation and assessment we provide a detailed plan on the treatment to help the patient make an informed choice. Our core values of integrity and honesty have helped us to provide reliable services and build a reputation for excellence.

Our clinic is centrally located near Sydney’s CBD. Our dentists are passionate about good oral health and we do everything to make sure every patient leaves with a smile.