Dental crowns, including same-day crowns usually last from five to fifteen years. The convenience of a same-day-crown does not mean that the quality is any less, as the process of fitting you for a same-day crown is similar to that of a traditional crown. Same-day crown technology is available in the dental office and provides excellent precision.

The durability of your dental crown will depend on various factors including:

• The skill and experience your dentist have with same-day crown technology,
• The quality of the ceramic used to mill your crown,
• The strength of your bite and any habits you may have including grinding / clenching of your teeth
• The health and structural integrity of the underlying tooth in which the crown is placed

What can you do to ensure longevity?

You will get long-lasting results by selecting a dentist who has advanced training and experience in same-day crown technology, but also from proper care of your crowned teeth with an effective oral hygiene home regimen.

Ask your dentist the following questions:

• How long have you used same-day crown technology?
• How do I care for my crowned tooth at home?
• What type of ceramic do you recommend for my crown and why?
• What do you feel the prognosis of my crown will be, taking into account the health and structure of the underlying tooth that it is placed upon?

After you have your crown cemented, it is important to practice good oral hygiene (as advised by your dentist) and to keep your scheduled follow-up appointment to ensure your crown is still functioning well.

At Soothing Care Dental, our team uses an advanced surgical operating microscope in the preparation stages of a same day crown procedure. This allows us to be especially accurate and precise with the crown dimensions and margins. All the designing and production occurs on-site, allowing us to maintain complete control of the quality of the crown from start to finish.

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