We’re all after that perfect smile. After all, it’s one of the first things we notice about each other; a physical feature that leaves a lasting impression. Crooked and misaligned teeth not only affect how you look, but also how well you can clean your teeth. Additionally, appearances aside, misaligned teeth can affect the functionality of your teeth as well as the positioning of your jaws. An effective solution to create a perfect smile without traditional braces is Invisalign.

Invisalign has quickly gained popularity and is considered one of the safest and most efficient ways to have straighter teeth. Rather than using brackets or wires, Invisialign uses a series of clear, plastic aligners which are moulded to the shape of your teeth. Just like traditional braces, they gently apply pressure to gradually align your teeth into place.

So, what are the benefits of Invisalign?

No Food Restrictions

One of the main benefits of Invisalign is being able to eat whatever you desire. When you opt for traditional braces, there are a number of food items you cannot consume, for example, you have to avoid eating food that is too sticky or hard. Luckily, with Invisalign, you can eat whatever you want – just make sure you remove your trays beforehand and rinse your mouth with water before putting them back in after meals.

Virtually Invisible

Some people believe braces are unappealing. Thankfully, with Invisalign, you will not have to worry about anyone seeing the wires or brackets when you smile because the trays are clear. This is a great option for adolescents and adults as they can smile with confidences while straightening their teeth without anyone knowing they’re going through treatment.

Duration of Treatment

Traditional orthodontic treatments, such as braces, generally take six months to a year longer than Invisalign, depending on severity and patient compliance. It is important to stay consistent with your treatment, as the most common cause for Invisalign treatment failures is non-compliance among patients with wearing their aligners.

Time Saving

Life can become very busy where you may not have the time to make frequent trips to the dental clinic. With Invisalign, you will only need to visit the dental clinic every six to eight weeks for review of aligner fit, teeth movement and issuing of the next set of aligners. Due to the lack of brackets on teeth, there is less chance of bracket breakage. This means you are less likely to require additional repair visits in between the review appointments.

Improves Your Overall Dental Health

Invisalign helps to improve your overall dental health. Having straight teeth is essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. By reducing gaps or straightening misaligned teeth, you can clean your teeth in a more efficient way.

At Soothing Care Dental, your trusted Glebe dentist, we house some of the best-skilled Invisalign trained dentists in Sydney, committed to giving you the healthy, bright set of teeth you deserve. With cutting-edge technology and a passion for customer care, you’re guaranteed quality treatment with top-level comfort.