Rely On Our Expert Emergency Dentist In Sydney


When you experience a harsh infection or trauma it is necessary to act quickly in order to avoid an emergency. SC Dental is ready to assist you with emergency dental issues including a full dental service.

We can handle emergency procedures at short notice to alleviate pain and side effects. Our emergency dentist in Rozelle is well prepared to help you with state-of-the-art dental equipment. We ensure your treatment is undertaken accurately and efficiently.

Rely On Our Expert Emergency Dentist In Sydney

You don’t require an appointment at the SC Dental clinic and we are open twenty four hours a day throughout the year for emergencies. Our experienced emergency dentist in Rozelle, Sydney will receive you whatever the condition or emergency you may be in. You can save a knocked out tooth if you get to a dental clinic within an hour.


Some of the most common dental emergencies include the following:

Excessive toothache

Mouth or Gum Disease

Splintered or cracked teeth

Extreme sensitivity

Jaw pain

Damaged or knocked out teeth or dentures

Wisdom tooth pain


Despite the challenges we face, our emergency dentist in Rozelle can handle all types of emergency cases because of advanced technologies employed. We will not refer you to a full scale hospital and you will be comforted and treated safely within the shortest period possible.

We do recommend that you be accompanied by an adult that can get you to the clinic and take you back home because of the effects of the anaesthetic. You may not be in a position to drive a vehicle. Further, it may not be possible to use public transport on your way back home.

For additional details on our emergency services, visit our website and book an appointment or contact our emergency dentist in Sydney on the phone.