Soothing Care Dental

Dental care is an important part of anyone’s life as it prevents many health issues. However, sometimes a root canal is needed, or a tooth will have to be pulled due to an issue. While that’s never an enjoyable experience, there are steps you can take after such a procedure to make sure the recovery goes smoothly. Soothing Care Dental, as the best Glebe dental practice, is here to walk you through what to eat and activities you should do to make your recovery a quick and easy experience.

Generally, after a tooth extraction the recovery process tends to just take a few days, although it can fluctuate due to different procedures. In order to minimise the chance of infection and to lower discomfort, you will want to listen to the instructions your Glebe dental practice gives you. This includes taking any prescribed painkillers that you have been given and biting firmly on the gauze pad placed in your mouth by the dentist. You will want to do this for three to four hours after the extraction takes place and will want to change the gauze pads out if they become soaked with blood. This is in order to reduce bleeding and will allow a blood clot to form inside the tooth socket. Other immediate aftercare includes applying an ice bag to the affected area in order to keep swelling down, which you will want to do in 10-minute intervals.

You will also need to relax for at least two days, so limit your activities and don’t do too much. Other things to avoid include spitting forcefully, as you don’t want to dislodge the blood clot. Additionally, you don’t want to drink from a straw or smoke during this time period. When you are lying down, make sure to prop up your head with pillows as lying flat can contribute to bleeding. When brushing and flossing, be sure to do so normally but avoid the extraction site as you don’t want to cause an infection.

As for what to eat, your Glebe dental practice recommends ingesting soft foods for the first couple of days. Soup, pudding and applesauce are all great options for the first day. Over time you can start to add solid foods to your diet as your mouth begins to heal. However, take it slow and don’t go from eating soup one day to only hard foods the next. Other recommended foods include ice cream, yogurt, mashed potatoes, eggs, cheese and oatmeal.

It’s normal to feel some light pain after the anesthesia wears off, so don’t worry if that occurs. You should also expect some swelling and a small amount of bleeding. However, if pain and bleeding is severe, you should call your dentist. The full healing period tends to take around one to two weeks as bone and gum tissue grows into the gap. A follow-up appointment might be necessary and will be setup by your Glebe dental practice ahead of time, and you might be advised to replace the missing tooth with an implant or another procedure.