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Due to recent technological advancements, going to the dentist might feel different. Here are some of the significant changes that will improve your next visit.

Technology has significantly enhanced the capabilities of dentists to improve and maintain oral health. Here are just some of the areas where recent innovations have resulted in a better experience and a better smile for ordinary people like you.

A Focus on Preventative Care

When you think of dentists you might instantly worry about drills and teeth pulling – but the reality is that no dentist enjoys pulling teeth and the practice is seen as a last resort. This is why the majority of technological advancements have been focused on preventative care – recognising and treating smaller issues which, if left unchecked, might develop into something that would require a tooth to be removed. So when you go regularly to the dentist Pyrmont locals trust, you can be assured that we will be very much focused on prevention as our priority.

Our dentists use the latest in technology to recognise the signs of tooth decay or gum disease before a costly or stressful procedure needs to be performed. Our locations are equipped with microscopic dentistry equipment, which allows our dentists to get a closer look at cavities or abrasions which other dentists might not notice. Modern dentistry also works with more accurate 3D x-rays which are quicker, less cumbersome and spot potential trouble signs long before they can create larger issues. So if you’ve been putting off a regular checkup, this is what you might be missing out on.

Advances in Cosmetic Procedures

Another area where technology has greatly improved the capabilities of dentistry procedures is in cosmetic dentistry. Now, patients who have a chip, crack or abnormality in tooth growth can choose from a range of cosmetic options to improve their look. As the leading dentist Pyrmont has to offer, we offer a variety of cosmetic procedures so that you can reclaim that winning smile.

For people with chipped or decayed teeth, composite bonding, porcelain veneers and dental impacts are all long-lasting solutions which make your teeth look perfectly healthy. Composite bonding uses a painless resin to fill in small fractures, while porcelain veneers are an outer shell tailor-made to the shape of your tooth, which covers up any cracks or damage. In more drastic cases of tooth loss, a dental impact is a lifetime solution to any gaps between teeth, and provides relatively little hassle compared to dentures or false teeth.

For clients with misaligned teeth in any age range, Invisalign is a new retainer-based system which, over time, moulds your bite into the desired shape and evens out crooked teeth. Compared to braces which can be painful and are immediately visible, Invisalign sits subtly in your mouth and is designed to make dental realignment more accessible for people of all ages.

As the dentist Pyrmont locals trust, we have all the latest tech behind our facilities and treatments so that your teeth can be at their best with the least hassle. Our professionals are highly trained to recognise even the smallest warning sign and to provide care and advice so that your teeth can be at their best. Whether you’re interested in a routine checkup or a more complex procedure, now is the best time to get in contact.