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We usually spend time and money to get our body as healthy as possible, but we won’t concentrate as much to maintain your teeth. This is because, we will assume that dental care is not much important than overall health, but that isn’t true. Recent research says gum disease can lead to other problems in the body and even increases the risk of heart disease. Teeth play an active role in our daily lives and so it requires a strong foundation to make our life healthy. Here in this Blog, an experienced dentist in Rozelle explains in deep how to maintain your teeth healthy and sparkling.

Key strategies to keep your gums healthy and make your teeth sparkle,

  • Choose the whitening products carefully
  • Give up Tobacco Products and smoking
  • Limit Dark Foods and Beverages
  • Concentrate in Calcium and Vitamin D foods
  • Get professional teeth cleaning regularly

Choose the Whitening Products Carefully

Be aware in choosing the right product for your teeth. It’s better to consult your cosmetic dentist in Rozelle for a quality toothbrush, toothpaste, and other product that you need. By using these whitening products recommended by dentists, you get the most effective results.

Give up Tobacco Products and Smoking

Tobacco products and smoking will fade your teeth within a few weeks, even if you proceed with whitening procedure. So it’s preferable to avoid tobacco products and smoking to maintain your teeth and prevent gum infection.

Apart from these, tobacco products and smoking also shows some negative effects which can harm your overall body.

Limit Dark Foods and Beverages

Remember your teeth are like a sponges, they absorb!

It’s important to avoid some foods and drinks with color, such as tomato sauce, tomato juice, blueberries, grape drinks, gatorade type drinks, carrots, carrot juice and more.

Some stain will spoil your white shirt, but when you wash it immediately, it will move away, same like our tooth. Whatever we eat or drink, rinsing the mouth immediately after will reduce half of the problems.

Concentrate in Calcium and Vitamin D foods

To limit tooth decay, yellowish teeth and other dental problems, calcium and vitamin D foods are must.

To get the optimum amount of calcium and vitamin D for your teeth, fish, egg yolks, orange juice and soy milk are good options.

Get Professional Teeth Cleaning Regularly

Visit your emergency dentist in Rozelle regularly for every 6 months and clean your teeth. If you didn’t, make an appointment now! They will examine your teeth to identify the problem in early stages and fix it.