How to Maintain Oral Health After Getting Tooth Fillings: Dos and Don’ts

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After undergoing tooth fillings, it’s crucial to adopt proper oral care practices to ensure the longevity of your dental work and overall oral health. Whether you’ve opted for traditional amalgam fillings or tooth-coloured composite fillings, following certain dos and don’ts can make a significant difference in preserving your smile. Here are some essential tips from a dentist Drummoyne to keep in mind:


  1. Maintain Consistent Oral Hygiene Routine: Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily to remove plaque and food debris. Pay special attention to the areas around the fillings to prevent bacterial buildup.
  2. Use Fluoride Toothpaste: Opt for fluoride toothpaste, as fluoride helps strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay. Brush gently to avoid damaging the filling or surrounding teeth.
  3. Schedule Regular Dental Check-ups: Visit the best dentist Drummoyne for routine check-ups and cleanings every six months or as recommended. Regular dental exams allow your dentist to monitor the condition of your fillings and address any issues early on.
  4. Follow Dietary Guidelines: Limit your intake of sugary and acidic foods and beverages, as they can contribute to tooth decay and erosion. Instead, focus on a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and calcium-rich foods to promote dental health.
  5. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day to maintain saliva flow, which helps neutralise acids in the mouth and remineralise tooth enamel. Opt for fluoridated water when possible for added dental benefits.
  6. Use Mouthwash: Incorporate antimicrobial mouthwash into your oral hygiene routine to reduce bacteria and plaque accumulation. Look for alcohol-free formulas to avoid irritation, especially around sensitive areas with recent fillings.
  7. Protect Your Teeth: If you grind your teeth at night or engage in contact sports, consider using a mouthguard to protect your teeth and dental work from damage. Talk to your dentist about custom-made mouthguards for optimal fit and protection.
  8. Practice Good Habits: Avoid biting down on hard objects like ice, pens, or hard candies, as this can lead to chipping or cracking of fillings. Additionally, refrain from using your teeth as tools to open packages or bottles to prevent unnecessary strain.


  1. Avoid Sticky or Hard Foods: Refrain from consuming sticky candies, chewing gum, or hard foods that can dislodge or damage fillings. Be mindful of your chewing habits to prevent unnecessary stress on the filled tooth.
  2. Skip Dental Appointments: Neglecting regular dental check-ups can result in undetected issues with your fillings or overall oral health. Make it a priority to schedule and attend routine dental visits for preventive care and early intervention.
  3. Delay Treatment for Dental Problems: If you experience tooth sensitivity, pain, or any unusual symptoms around the filled tooth, don’t ignore them. Promptly contact your dentist to address any concerns and prevent potential complications.
  4. Overlook Signs of Dental Decay: Keep an eye out for signs of dental decay, such as persistent toothache, sensitivity to hot or cold, or visible pits or holes in the tooth surface. Early detection allows for timely intervention and preservation of your dental fillings.
  5. Use Tobacco Products: Smoking or using tobacco products not only stains your teeth but also increases your risk of gum disease and oral cancer. Quitting tobacco can significantly improve your oral health and enhance the longevity of your dental fillings.

By following these dos and don’ts, you can maintain optimal oral health and extend the lifespan of your tooth fillings. Remember that proactive dental care and regular professional maintenance by an emergency dentist Drummoyne are essential for preserving your smile for years to come. If you have any concerns or questions about your dental fillings, don’t hesitate to consult with your dentist for personalised advice and guidance.