Enhance Your Smile With Dental Bonding!


A beautiful smile is the desire of many a people. However, chipping, cracking, gaps and discoloration of teeth means such a smile is not within reach to many people. Luckily, advances in cosmetic dentistry now make it possible to once again rediscover your illuminating smile to boost your self-confidence.

DENTAL BONDING | Dentist service in rozelle | Soothing Care Dental

 in Sydney is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures to treat tooth enamel problems to give you that bright smile. It is also called composite bonding and our dentists at Soothing Care Dental are highly skilled in the procedure. This is rated as the least invasive smile restoration procedures after teeth whitening which means it is simple and faster.  The procedure involves use of a plastic resin to the affected tooth or teeth to give a natural appearance without the need for enamel removal.  At our clinic the procedure takes minimal preparation especially for direct composite bonding.

This is the most affordable cosmetic dentistry procedure to brighten your smile and can be completed in a single dental visit. The dentist will ensure the affected tooth area is well covered with the composite resin and the colour is treated to match the rest of your teeth.  Ultimately the result is a natural appearance without the hassle of using chemicals or removing the enamel as happens with porcelain veneers.

This is a painless procedure and doesn’t require anaesthesia making it even more convenient.  Our dentist at Soothing Care Dental will explain every detail of the procedure before it is carried out. Before the procedure commences a thorough examination is carried out to determine the extent of damage. This will show whether you are a good candidate for dental bonding in Rozelle or whether you should opt for porcelain veneers or teeth whitening.  Our dentists are committed to ensure you walk out of our offices with a dashing smile.