Microscopic Dentistry Rozelle, Sydney

Cutting Edge Technology to Cut Short Dental Problems

We have enhanced our treatment methods to provide excellent dental care backed by a lasting guarantee. SC Dental employs the use of microscopic dentistry in Rozelle, Sydney to ensure your dental needs are met.

What Does The Dental Microscope Do?

  • The dental microscopic ensures flawless treatment every time
  • We can deal with the smallest cavities in a short period because of the dental microscope’s ability to zoom in and out of largely hidden regions of the tooth.
  • Enhanced precision of Microscopic Dentistry in Sydney guarantees a longer lifespan for the tooth.

Benefits of Microscopic Dentistry in Rozelle, Sydney

Analysis: With a detailed view of the patient’s mouth, our dentist is able to get an in-depth view of the state of the patient’s dental health and decide on the best form of treatment.

Ease of Use: Microscope dentistry in Sydney brings comfort to both the patient and dentist.  The device is designed with flexible arms that allow the dentist to examine the patient’s mouth with ease.

Preventive Treatment: Early detection of cracks and cavities is made possible through this cutting edge technology. Any symptoms are spotted early and treated before the tooth condition deteriorates.

Enhanced Imaging: Microscope Dentistry in Rozelle employs the use of photos and video recording thus preventing damage to tissues through enhanced precision.

Improved Dental Health: It takes a short period to heal due to the increased accuracy during treatment.

Microscopic Dentistry – Application

  • Check ups: You are guaranteed of accurate diagnosis by the use of a dental microscope at SC Dental. It ensures early detection and prevention of dental health problems.
  • Fillings: With our Microscope Dentistry in Rozelle, Sydney, only the damaged parts of the tooth are removed. Hence, the treatment is spot on.
  • Gum Disease Treatment: Gum disease is easily managed by detecting its early progression and speedy treatment.
  • Root Canal Treatment: Canal orifices are easily accessed to ensure that there’s no error of omission. Consequently, the chances of failed treatment are altogether eliminated.

Advanced Dental Care

Our dental clinic offers the benefits of excellent professional care and advanced dentistry. Visit us and feel free to make enquiries about our advanced microscopic dentistry treatment ensures comfort, accuracy and safety in any line of treatment. You can arrange for an appointment through our website.

Microscopic Dentistry & Experienced Dentists

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