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Toothaches can occur for many different reasons. Often the cause of the toothache can be obvious, such as in the case of dental trauma, but other times the pain may seem flash loan attack scenarios to come out of nowhere. Often, a toothache may be the symptom of an underlying problem that may get worse without treatment.

There is no need to panic; The dentists at Soothing Care Dental have a wealth of experience in pain assessment & management, and are available to look after you.

For your information, the following identifies different dental conditions that could cause a toothache:

Tooth Decay: Occurs when bacterial on our teeth feeds on sugar from our diet, releasing acids which create cavities. When tooth decay is deep within a tooth, the bacteria and toxins can irritate the nerve of the tooth causing pain.

Cracked Teeth: This can occur suddenly through injury or when biting into something hard. It can also occur at the margins of old fillings. A small crack in the tooth can cause a toothache, which may possibly alert you of tooth damage you didn’t know you had.

Dental Abscess: If a dental pulp infection or inflammation is not treated in time, the bacteria may spread through the gums and form a boil known as an abscess. These can be highly painful and can affect your general well-being so it must urgently be treated.

Gum Disease: Destructive gum diseases affect the gum & bone around teeth that supports them. Advanced problems can relate to loose teeth and aches.

Teeth Grinding: Grinding or clenching of the teeth at night or during the day can lead to pain. As the teeth have to withstand excessive forces, the ligament around the teeth becomes bruised. Also, wear from grinding can remove enamel from the tooth surface exposing the more sensitive underlying dentin.

Impacted Tooth: An impacted tooth is a tooth that is partially or completely stuck under the gum and bone and cannot continue emerging. This often happens with wisdom teeth if there isn’t enough space for the new tooth in the mouth. Often this creates an area for bacteria to build-up which leads to inflammation and pain.

If you are experiencing toothache the best person to call is ??? our dentist. An experienced dentist will be able to diagnose the reason for the toothache and will discuss all treatment options with you.

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