Dental cavities, being one of the significant public health problems globally are the most widespread non-contiguous disease. Cavities are one reason why kids miss school and according to reports around 92% of adults aged 20 to 64 has cavities in their permanent teeth. If you have recently been told that you have a cavity, relax you are not alone. However, after diagnosing, the first question that pops up in your mind is likely ‘now what?’ The answer to this question purely depends on the severity of the cavity in your case. If the cavity is discovered early, dentist Balmain will suggest dental filling procedure and discuss with you the different types of fillings available.

Dental fillings – Procedure

When a tooth is being filled, the Balmain dentist will start by administering local anaesthesia to numb the area around the affected tooth to eliminate or reduce any pain. The dentist will then isolate the tooth in order to prevent contamination and keep it dry with some kind of dental appliance or guard. He will then scrap out the decayed area of the tooth with a specially designed tool for both the severity of the cavity and where it is located in the mouth. The different tools may include a laser, air abrasion instrument, or drill for which the dentist would have had extensive training on.

Once the decay is removed, the dentist will prepare the tooth for sealing by thoroughly cleaning it eliminating any bacteria, debris, or decay which might cause any problems in the future. The dentist will then apply the filling material which might require a special light for it to harden and cure.

In the last step of the dental filling procedure, the dentist will check the bite to make sure proper alignment and then polish in order to make the filling as smooth as other teeth.

What do they fill cavities with?

 Amalgam filling:

This type up of teeth filling is known to have been used for more than a century. It consists of a mixture of metals which includes copper, tin, mercury, zinc, and silver. Durable and long-lasting, these fillings are also one of the affordable options available for filling teeth offered in dental clinic Balmain. This filling is completely safe according to reports and is used safely in millions of dental filling procedures.

Composite filling:

A composite is a mixture of acrylic resin and powdered glass. These fillings have become trendy as they can be colour matched with natural tooth making them not noticeable particularly in comparison to alternatives. It bonds to the tooth and provides support to other fillings and hence do not require as much of the tooth to be shred down in the filling procedure.

If you are diagnosed with a cavity, there are many types of fillings to consider. Talk with dentist Balmain and decide the type of filling to suit you the best and flaunt your smile, because your smile matters!