Soothing Care Dental

What qualities should you be looking out for in a trustworthy dentist for you or your whole family? Here are our top considerations.

At your local to Balmain dental practice we are committed to creating a relationship with our customers, so that our good service and quality treatment will keep everyone smiling for the long run. Here are the traits we suggest to look out for to know if your dentist is the right choice for you.

1. They make you feel relaxed

The most important quality of a good dentist is that you feel comfortable around them. A good dentist will adopt a calm demeanour without making the patient feel vulnerable or guilty. This can be a personal opinion, since some might prefer their healthcare professionals to adopt a casual tone, and others are reassured with formality. But regardless of how your dentist conducts themselves, you want to be relaxed and open during treatment procedures.

2. You can be honest around them

A good dentist will always value a patient’s input, because at the end of the day the patient is the one who can best articulate their day-to-day experience. But if you find yourself nervous and defensive – maybe embellishing your flossing habits – then ultimately the treatment will not be as effective as it could be.

3. They’re kind to their staff, and their staff is kind to you

Does your dentist seem rushed or stressed all the time? If so, they’re going to impart that stress onto you as well. If a dentist takes their time to speak to their office staff respectfully, their office staff will show this by being kind to the customer. If every interaction you have in the dentist’s office is a positive one, then you’ll know that you have a compassionate dentist who will put your needs first.

4. They manage their time well

Just like the last point, a dentist who is on time, punctual and follows schedule will naturally provide better treatment. You never want to be at a dentist’s office and experiencing long wait times, delays or adverse circumstances.

5. They communicate every procedure thoroughly

As a patient, it can be incredibly reassuring for the dentist to communicate with you, to tell you what they are about to do, and give you a heads-up on any sensations you may be experiencing. At Balmain Dental Practice we encourage dentists to be upfront, so that our patients are always in control and understand precisely how each procedure will improve their dental health.

6. They’re invested for the long term

Dental health is a long-term endeavour, which is why even more than with a family doctor or a regular barber, there should be an ongoing relationship between the client and the dentist. A good dentist will map out a plan covering months and years for the patient, instead of cutting corners with one-time, patch-up jobs.

7. They are upfront with financial costs

Visits to the dentist can be expensive, and it’s harder to trust a dentist if they ever saddle you with a costly procedure that you’re unsure you really needed. An honest dentist will clearly communicate the expected costs of procedures and ensure that the patient agrees. This is especially important for cosmetic dental procedures, which can often be a matter of personal preference.

Overall, a dentist you can trust is one that makes you feel calm, informed and protected. At your local to Balmain dental Practice, we understand that going to the dentist can be a stressful procedure, and it’s natural to postpone an appointment as much as you can. This is why we are committed to good dentists who alleviate your fears and anxieties, so that you’re looking forward to the next time your teeth can be cared for.