According to the Australian Dental Association, over one-quarter of Australian children and adults live with untreated tooth decay in their primary teeth. Untreated tooth decay may lead to severe pain and loss of the tooth. Australian’s are being warned that cavities are the country’s most prevalent health issue.

Tooth decay or cavities, these are the terms we have been taught to fear from a very young age. For some it may pop up again and again, leading to multiple cavities and extra trips to their dentist in Balmain.

Today, let us discuss common causes of tooth decay and what you should do to combat each one so that you can keep your smile healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Warning signs of cavity:

The following are the signs that you may have cavities. If you experience any one of these signs, visit your Balmain dentist as early as possible.

  • Consistent tooth pain
  • Increased tooth sensitivity and pain
  • Noticeable hole
  • Pits in the affected tooth
  • Pain when you bite down

Causes of tooth decay:

  • Poor oral hygiene:

According to ADA, only half of Australian adults and two-thirds of children brush their teeth daily. Brushing and flossing your teeth twice in a day is must and failing to do so will lead to several dental problems. Poor oral health will ultimately lead to tooth decay, and it cannot be avoidable.

  • Sugary foods:

Over 90% of Australian adults have experienced dental caries at some point in their lives. Both adults and children consume the freest sugars of any age group in Australia, making them a high-risk group for the development of cavities.

Sugary foods are the primary cause of tooth decay. Bacteria in the mouth feed off sugary foods and then begin to coat your teeth in damaging acid. This is why it is recommended to brush your teeth after every meal to eliminate acid. So try to avoid sugary foods as much as possible.

  • Dry mouth:

People with a dry mouth will more than likely have dental issues which lead to cavities. Drink more water and keep yourself hydrated to avoid dry mouth issues.

  • Tooth Grinding:

Many have the habit of tooth grinding and do not even realise they do this. It typically occurs when a person is in a deep sleep or when they are in stress. Tooth grinding also lead to cavities because it pulls out the outer layer of tooth enamel. You can prevent tooth grinding by using night guard.

Avoiding regular dental visits is not good for your teeth and will lead to future tooth decay. Do not avoid dental visits due to dental fear. Dentists at dental clinic Balmain are friendly and are ready to help you. Visit the dentist in Balmain every six months for routine cleaning and examination.