COSMETIC INJECTABLES Reduce Lines & Wrinkles to Restore Facial Fullness

The Best Non-Surgical Solution for Adding Fullness To The Lips, Enhancing Shallow Contours in the Lips, And Reducing the Appearance of Lines and Wrinkles.

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Soothing Care Dental is a clinic dedicated to dental treatments and we have the most qualified Cosmetic Clinicians to fulfil your desire for cosmetic injectable treatments and with our wealth of experience, we are confident you'll be completely satisfied with the end result. With their quality skills in dental care, our dentists at Soothing Care Dental have exceptional knowledge in facial anatomy. These professionals hold a thorough understanding of the muscles, nerves, and physiology of human face - and thus, the process of anti-ageing treatments and cosmetic fillers. We aim to provide you with symmetrical, healthy and natural-looking results that restore your confidence and highlight your natural, beautiful self.


Soothing Care

Prior to getting your treatment, your clinician will discuss any pre-treatment preparation you may need to take. This would involve avoiding blood thinners (such as pain killers), chemical peels, or reporting any history of cold sores to receive a preventative regime. Patients are also recommended to avoid alcohol 24 hours before.

Women are advised to schedule their treatment a week before or the week of their period, due to heightened pain sensitivity.

During the procedure, your lips will be given a thorough clean, with a numbing agent applied to ease discomfort. Your clinician will then add filler to the areas of your lips you wish to improve. The entire process is relatively quick and will take about 15-30 minutes to perform.

With state-of-the-art technology and extensive focus on customer care, our dentists offer some of the best cosmetic injections in Sydney.

Soothing Care
Soothing Care

Once complete, expect temporary swelling around the lip area (ice may be given to help reduce this). Your clinician will then provide you with any lip filler aftercare instructions to follow.

As customer experience plays a big role in our service, we ensure you get the treatment you deserve at maximum quality and comfort. You're guaranteed to leave with a perfect smile - and perfect lips to match.

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Cosmetic Injection Treatments can dramatically change the appearance and lives of patients of all ages.

Here are some examples of just a few of our patients that have received various treatments to improve the health of their smiles.



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