Balmain Dental Practice

A common concern that parents have when taking children to the dentist is the risk if the child should need an X-ray. With modern technology, dental x-rays are now safer than ever. Our dentists at our Balmain Dental Practice help provide parents with peace of mind assuring that the safest x-ray methods will be used to reduce risk for their children.

X-rays are a great tool for preventative measure, helping spot issues in your child’s mouth before they become a major problem. They are vital to detect any problems hidden beneath the surface of the teeth enamel or below the gum.

Oral well being links to children’s overall health, therefore the use of x-rays can be necessary in order to diagnose and then treat issues to prevent them from worsening in the future.

Many dental offices have replaced their old film version of X-rays with digital X-rays. Digital X-rays emit around 80 percent less radiation than film x-rays. Making the level of exposure to radiation less than what we are naturally exposed to throughout the course of one day. Dentists focus the X-ray beam only the area of interest limiting the amount of radiation exposure. Protective equipment such as lead body aprons and shields are also used to ensure safety and protection.

When deciding on which dental X-rays are necessary for your child, our experienced dentist will always weigh up the risks against the benefits based on each child’s individual circumstance. They will review your child’s health history and complete a clinical examination reassuring parents that the best practises will be in use to ensure the safety and well being of their child.

Young children are at a low risk of tooth decay and do not require X-rays as often, therefore it is vital to encourage your child to develop a routine for good oral hygiene from a young age to help minimize the need for X-rays.